Who We Are

Wellington Development was established by Jim Edmondson as an offshoot of the E&G Group, which he co-founded more than 40 years ago. E&G became one of the DC area’s most successful practitioners in this niche field. While E&G Group primarily focused on affordable housing in the District of Columbia, Wellington Development was formed by Jim and Ben Miller to satisfy the growing need for suburban affordable housing, particularly in Northern Virginia. We have an extensive record, knowledge of rental assistance programs, and community and non-profit relationships.

We have been developers for over 50 years with an emphasis on affordable housing, residential development, and LIHTC properties. We also use tax-exempt financing and a variety of local government programs, including the Housing Choice voucher program, to make rents more affordable to low- and moderate-income residents. Our principals have developed or redeveloped approximately 10,000 affordable apartments throughout Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the District of Columbia, as well as Dallas, Fort Worth, Memphis, Augusta, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, and New Jersey.

Why Wellington

Our business is people dependent, and Wellington is deeply involved with government agencies and community leaders in all its projects. Local boards of supervisors must approve applications for LIHTC allocations as well as housing staff recommendations for municipal subordinate loans, which are essential to secure project financing. Services for residents are critical to a project’s long-term success, and community input is required for the separate applications for funding of services and arrangements with the providers of services. Our years of experience in affordable housing development and management demonstrate success and staying power. Wellington’s principals are recognized leaders in both advocacy and performance in many jurisdictions and its standing relationships with lenders, investors, government agencies, brokers, lawyers, accountants, due-diligence consultants, et al. make Wellington an invaluable affordable-housing partner.

We know that you cannot build a life without a safe place to live, and a home is more than just a roof over your head. At Wellington Development, we don’t just build affordable housing, we build communities.

Teamwork is the force behind every successful project. Wellington has assembled a team of professionals who engage early on in a project’s conception to structure transactions that are likely to gain support and approval at the local and state level. Our architects and transaction lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with affordable housing and we have longstanding relationships with lenders and tax credit investors.

Our projects are more than just bricks and sticks. People need a home base from which to grow and thrive which is why Wellington is committed to providing service-enriched housing and promoting stability and opportunity for all residents by working with nonprofit service providers and the local governments. Our resident programming is designed to enhance the lives of our residents by elevating eviction prevention, family stability, educational enrichment, and health and wellness services.